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2 Days

2 day wine tour

Tour: 2 day wine tour.

Type: Cultural, Educational.

Transportation: passenger car, mini-bus, bus.

Duration: 2 days.

Meals: twice.
The tour can be changed according to your wish.

Places to visit: Sighnaghi, Bodbe Nunnery, Gremi, Kvareli tunnel, Alaverdi, Ikalto, the palace of Erekle II, Tsinandali house- museum and wine cellar.

Tour program:

I day

Departure from Tbilisi in the direction of Sighnaghi, sightseeing of Bodbe Nunnery, a walk in Sighnaghi, lunch, continuation of the tour in the direction of Kvareli, visiting Gremi, then Kvareli tunnel –Kakheti wine tasting, churchkhela making process, baking bread in a toné, making kebab and in the evening - traditional Kakhetian feast and accommodation at Kvareli hotel.

Day II

After breakfast sightseeing of Alaverdi Monastery and Ikalto, continuation of the tour towards Telavi - sightseeing of palace of Erekle II and Telavi, then Tsinandali house- museum, wine tasting and lunch and in the evening - return to Tbilisi.

Sighnaghi - one of the most beautiful and historic towns of Kakheti. Here you may see the historic sites, churches, ancient architecture, museums, specimens’ of the Georgian paintings, the most beautiful views. A rare natural sight of Alazani valley opens from here, the snowy Caucasus is visible from afar. Notable sites Sighnaghi include the Matrimonial house and several museums. The Matrimonial house was built in the II half of XIX century. Besides the Matrimonial house, inside are “Tourist Information Center” and the museum of the great Georgian singer Vano Sarajishvili. In Sighnaghi is also located House-Museum of the famous composer Sandro Mirianashvili and Archaeological-ethnographic Museum, protecting a medieval material. One of the main sights of this museum is a unique collection of paintings of the world's great self-taught artists of XIX-XX centuries Niko Pirosmanishvili. Exhibitions of other famous Georgian and foreign artists are often held here.

  St. Nino’s Monastery in Bodbe and Kakheti episcopal center are located near Sighnaghi. Bodbe monastery complex includes the mighty St. George and St. Nino Cathedral, belfry and nuns' cells, also St. Nino’s spring that is considered by the religious to have healing qualities. One of the sacred places of the Monastery is the miraculous icon of the Iberian Mother of God. Here lies St. Nino - the enlightener of Georgia and the Holy Apostles. The most beautiful view from the territory of the monastery opens on the Caucasus, Alazani valley with the cultivated vineyards is completely visible. Other monastery complexes such as Alaverdi and others are also visible.
  Gremi - Kakheti capital of XVI century, the most powerful and developed trading center of that time Georgia. Wine made here and silk were the main goods of trade here. Churches, caravanserais, baths were located in the town. The major trade route to Iran passed here. That time, the most powerful town was destroyed in 1616 by Shah Abbas I. The old walls, belfry-tower and the Cathedral of Archangel were the only remnants of the old Gremi. In 2011, Gremi castle-town was completely rehabilitated; small churches remained in the territory of old town were restored; castle tower, Kings Hall were rehabilitated, the historic trading district of the old Gremi was renovated, was built the museum showing the history of the town. Visitors have the overall impression of the old Gremi dignity and strength.
  Kvareli tunnel is a unique wine storage located in a rock-hewn tunnel. Here, the natural temperature is 12-14 degrees throughout the year. This temperature is ideal for wine storing and maturing. In the tunnel are presented two main and 13 connecting 500-meter tunnels. Their total length is 7.7 km. Here you may taste European wine made from Georgian grapes sorts and Kakhetian “kvevri” wine, make churchkhelas, bake bread in the toné. In addition, there is also a mill, a trout pond, vodka still and a restaurant on top of the tunnel.
  Alaverdi Temple and Monastery complex are located on Alazani valley. The monastery was founded in the mid-VI century by Joseph Alaverdeli, one of the thirteen Assyrian Fathers acting in Georgia. The main temple of the complex is built at the beginning of XI century in the name of St. George. It is one of the high churches (up to 50 meters). Alaverdi is one of the best examples of the ancient monastery’s modernization: with the newest wine cellars made in old, with reading rooms, antique storage, household. It is worth mentioning here the ancient wine cellar. With the rehabilitation of this wine cellar XI-XII century was rejuvenated and XXI century got old, the past joined the present and the border between them obliterated. The wine is made in the wine cellar by both traditional old Georgian and European methods.

  Ikalto Monastery and Academy Ikalto Monastery was founded in VI century by the Assyrian Father Zenon. Ikalto Academy was founded by XI-XII centuries’ prominent historical figure, King David the Builder’s teacher- Arsen Ikaltoeli. Academy students studied philosophy, rhetoric, mathematics, agronomy. A great Georgian poet and thinker Shota Rustaveli was educated here. Ikalto Academy existed for a long time, having the great role in the enlightenment of Georgia. In 1616 Shah Abbas burned Ikalto Academy, and it ceased its existence. Ikalto was renovated in recent years, it has returned to its original look. The facade of the temple was cleaned; all three churches of the monastery complex were roofed. After removing the ground cover, the remains of the ancient buildings were discovered including one of the oldest wine cellar and so their conservation was done.

  The palace of Erekle II, the same architectural complex of “Master’s fortress” is the only royal palace extant in Georgia so far. The residence of King Erekle II was placed here in the second half of the XVIII century. The palace is the best specimen of the Iranian architecture. Historical and Ethnographic Museum and Art Gallery are located in several halls of the former palace of King Erekle II. Together with the memorial items of King Erekle II and the representatives of Bagrationi royal family, there is protected archaeological material of numismatics, early and late medieval centuries. Interesting works of foreign and local artists are exhibited at the Art Gallery.
  Tsinandali museum is located in the palace of the famous Georgian poet Alexander Chavchavadze. The complex consists of 4 parts: the house-museum, the park, the hotel (Exhibition Centre) and collection of wine samples (winery and wine cellar). The house-museum keeps materials covering that epoch and the poet's life and oeuvre. Many exotic plants are cultivated in the decorative park. Famous local and foreign artists’ exhibitions are held in the renovated exhibition halls, including exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s and Piet Mondrian's works. The most special is the wine cellar, where are ideal conditions for special brand wines maturing. A unique collection of as Georgian so European wines is stored here. Visitors can see firstly bottled wine of 1839 Saperavi harvest; in addition, 16 500 bottles of 70 names of wine are stored here. The collection of wine samples is awarded 11 golden medals.
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